Thanks to HP SmartStream Mosaic, SA Litho Label Printers most innovative product offering yet, brand owners can thrill their customers with one of a kind products and individualised brand experiences.

Mosaic is a software algorithm exclusive to HP indigo digital technology, which, through random rotation, scaling and transposition, can generate thousands, if not millions, of unique label designs from just a few base designs.

Brands of all sizes and scale have something to celebrate, a statement to make or simply a story to tell, whichever it is, our collaborative approach to client engagement will marry our latest technology with your brand’s objectives.

So whether your brand is a South African icon seeking to create a point of differentiation or a niche contender with a story to tell, let’s engage in conversation and explore the value that our technology can offer you.

The proof is in the pudding; In an effort to save the African Elephants from extinction, Amarula partnered with SA Litho to produce 400 000 unique labels, giving each of the remaining 400 000 African elephants a name and one of a kind design.

As the first label printers to launch Mosaic to market in Africa, we are the solutions provider to call.

How Mosaic Works

• Mosaic requires vector pdf file as input, we call this a base design.

• The software generates a large number of unique variations of the base design by randomly transforming the file – using scaling, transposition, and rotation.

• These unique variations can then be used as the variable image assets in the graphic design of your label.

• The end result; every label is 100% unique.